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Aby is a 2017 Malayalam Drama film directed by prolific advertisement filmmaker Srikant Murali in his feature directorial debut. It is written by Santhosh Echikkanam and produced by Suvin K Varkey under the banner of Little Big Films.Vineeth Sreenivasan plays the lead and titular character of Aby. Aju Varghese, Suraj Venjaramoodu play supporting characters.

Story plot of malayalam film Aby

Aby is a boy who dreams to fly. The movie begins in his childhood, where he regularly jumped out of elevated positions in an attempt to fly; often injuring himself in the process. He barely spoke a word, leading his folk to believe that he is mentally disabled. He went to a special-needs school. His father worked as a policy agent, and eventually used Aby to gain sympathy of potential customers to make them sign his policies. Eventually, his mother finds out of his doings and his absence from school because of this. A big fight between them ensues and Aby’s mother passes away next morning.

A few years later, Aby is an adolescent and works at a mechanical workshop; now a savant in electronics. His father takes the salary to feed his alcoholism. His neighbor and girlfriend, Anumol goes to school with him, along with Kunjootan. She requests Any to help her make a science project for a competition, which Aby agrees to. The project ends with it getting big recognition and Anumol getting rewarded with prizes. However, on the day she gets honored, Aby’s father arrives and makes a scene demanding the money as Aby made the project. A feud erupts between the neighbors. His father’s alcoholism grows more and more volatile as he ends up burning a mockup helicopter made by Aby using an auto-rickshaw and salvage. Aby becomes frustrated and flees the town.

Aby reaches Bangalore where he meets some workers who sell salvage and scrap for money. He helps fix their phone and devises a mechanism to prank a man who was a nuisance to them. Soon, Aby becomes friends with them and joins their work. A few days later, he finds a discarded toy airplane, from where he meets G. K. Menon, an alcoholic airplane manufacturer. Menon quickly becomes fond of Aby and his wish to fly, discovering his technical intelligence in the process. Menon shares his basic knowledge with him, fuelling Aby’s fascination. Soon, Menon receives a job to manufacture a light aircraft, to where Aby joins him. Aby records his conversations, learning more and more about aircraft in his free time. When the aircraft was built, Aby gets carried away and attempts to ride the aircraft and crashes it, earning Menon’s frustration and anger. Menon scolds Aby and demands he go away, where he flees back to his hometown.

It is now 7 years since his return, and Anumol is helping the village expand. He has gathered materials, and begins work on a glider for three years. Anumol, amidst the rekindled family feud, helps Aby build a glider, which gradually grabs the attention of media and people from distant places. This earns her anger from her father who builds hatred towards Aby and his work. On the debut of his homemade glider with hundreds of onlookers, he is halted by law enforcement who stated that he did not have paperwork, making the flight illegal. Aby, with the help of Anumol and several of his townsfolk gathers the required paperwork. His father provides the money he’s saved up, showing that he is turning into a better man and leaving his alcoholism. Menon even appears, being a certified airplane manufacturer, says that Aby has built the most efficient model he has seen in his career; giving him approval. Anumol’s father attempts to sabotage the paperwork, where Anumol begs and pleads to let Aby fly and not take vengeance on his dreams. Anumol’s father reconsiders his actions and decides that he wants to see Aby achieve his goal.

Aby’s glider is now ready to go once again, with the correct paperwork filed in and now legal. However, another obstacle arises as the law enforcement gets a tip against Aby’s disability paperwork and that his craft hasn’t been flown by a certified pilot. Anumol’s father confesses to tipping against him, with Menon vouching for Aby’s mental status. This promptly evolves into a huge quarrel involving the frustrated onlookers, which Aby takes advantage of and flies the glider successfully; with the aid of Menon giving instructions. Hundreds of onlookers and the police watch with fascination, ending the argument and proud that Aby has made his dreams to reality. At present time, Aby is shown as an expert glider, selected by Air Asia in Dubai; and is seen soaring the skies with a glider as the movie ends.

Songs of latest malayalam movie Aby

Music by Bijibal, Anil Johnson & Jaison J Nair

Title / singer ( click on the song for malayalam movie song lyrics of film Aby )

1. Onnurangi – Vineeth Sreenivasan, Saritha Ram

2. Paripparakkum Kili – Sangeetha Sreekanth

3. Parudeesayile – Sowmya Ramakrishnan

4. Leysa Aleysa – Niranj Suresh

5. Puthen Sooryan – Arun Alat

Trailer of latest malayalam film Aby



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