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How to add malayalam WhatsApp stickers ?

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WhatsApp has brought a major update where we will be able to send stickers. It is a free service and can be available to anyone who updates WhatsApp. To get the WhatsApp stickers, we have to update the application to the below version.

  • Version 2.18.329 for Android
  • Version 2.18.100 for iOS

To check your WhatsApp version, you can choose the settings and go to help menu where it will show the version of your WhatsApp application.

If you are an App developer, you can create your own sticker packs and make it available for people to download and use it. That is how people started to create WhatsApp malayalam stickers. There are WhatsApp stickers of malayalam celebrities  and other funny malayalam trolls which are made available as stickers . You can also find words written in malayalam to be send as WhatsApp stickers

How to know if sticker is active ?

When the whatsapp is updated to the mentioned version, You will see a square button near the textbook field where you will be able to click on it and choose the sticker you like to send through the messenger.

So how do you get malayalam WhatsApp stickers?

As of now the provision is only available with android and hopefully soon it will be available with iOS as well. There are two options to get malayalam stickers in WhatsApp

Option 1 .

Make sure the WhatsApp is updated to the latest version  (Version 2.18.329 for Android), Once its updated Go to Google playstore and search for Malayalam WhatsApp stickers .


In the search list, you will be able to see all the WhatsApp malayalam sticker apps developed by different developers. Go through the list and install the once you like

Once the application is installed, Open the installed application and add the sticker pack which you would like to use. Then open WhatsApp and click on the sticker option near the text field and you will be able to see the latest malayalam stickers which has been added from the app, You can experiment different apps to get funny malayalam trolls and other malayalam stickers.

Option 2) Another option is to use the sticker which was send to you by your friends. If someone has send a sticker and you like to use the same in future, you can click on the sticker and click ‘View More’ and it will take you to the application in playstore where the sticker pack app was downloaded. So you can also download the same application to get your favorite malayalam stickers.

You can try WhatsApp in your desktop using the WhatsApp web online version



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