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The Great Father is an Indian Malayalam mystery thriller film directed by Haneef Adeni and produced by Prithviraj Sukumaran, Arya, Santhosh Sivan, and Shaji Nadesan under the banner of August Cinema. Starring Mammootty in the lead role as The Great Father and Arya, Sneha and Shaam in supporting roles.

Story plot of malayalam film The Great Father

Samuel (Sam) is a police officer investigating serial child abuse and murder crimes. Samuel receives a phone call from the child abuser who calls himself ‘Joker’. Samuel tracks his location, goes to his place and gets killed by the Joker.

The cases are picked up by Officer Andrews Eappan (Arya), from CBCID. The story then shifts to Sarah David Anikha, a 10 year old girl whose superhero is her father David Nainan (Mammootty)- a well known builder. Both share a strong bond between each other. David does anything to make his daughter happy.

One day when he returns to his flat from office he finds Sarah lying unconscious in the lift, finding out she was raped brutally. He gets shattered and takes her to the hospital where his wife, Dr. Michelle (Sneha), is working.

After a few days Sarah recovers and gradually she comes to the normal state and reveals that it was a joker who raped her. David and Michelle, who are on extreme rage on the Joker, decide to find him and kill him as he is doing the same thing to all girls of their daughter’s age.

He starts an investigation parallel to the police which makes Andrews suspicious about him. Andrews later finds that David’s daughter was also abused. He enquires Sarah at their flat when David was not there. David warns Andrews for doing that as it mentally hurts her. David and Andrew starts receiving calls from the Joker. Both of them who are parallel but reaches the Joker’s place. But Andrews was beaten up by him. David was also beaten up by the Joker but he manages to defeat him and kill him at a hill top.

After that, when Andrews asks David who the Joker was, David answers him that it was James who was working in his office. Andrews admits that David has done the same thing which Andrews wanted to do.

Songs of malayalam movie The Great Father

Music by Gopi Sunder

Title/ Singer ( Click on the song for malayalam movie lyrics of film The Great Father

1. Ko Ko Kozhi – Prarthana Indrajith

2. Kaiveesi Enne – Vijay Yesudas

3. The Great Father Theme Music – Sushun Shyam

Trailer of malayalam film The Great Father



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