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Hey Jude is a 2018 Indian Malayalam-language drama film directed by Shyamaprasad, written by Nirmal Sahadev and George Kanatt. It stars Nivin Pauly and Trisha Krishnan. The film features songs composed by Rahul Raj, Ouseppachan, M. Jayachandran and Gopi Sundar

Story plot of malayalam movie Hey jude

Dominic(Siddique) is the owner of an antique shop in Cochin. His family consists of his wife Maria(Neena Kurup), daughter Andrea(Apoorva Bose) and son Jude(Nivin Pauly). Though Jude is a mathematical genius and an oceanography enthusiast, he has poor social skills and lacks the maturity for his age. He has no friends and always gets on the wrong side with his father. Jude also gets fired from his job and is forced by his father to assist him at his antique shop.

One day Dominic gets a phone call from Goa that his paternal aunt Olivia has died in an accident and all her properties are now inherited by himself and his son Jude. Dominic, Maria and Jude travel to Goa for the funeral and the property settlement while Andrea remains in Cochin to attend her exams and take care of Dominic’s business. At Goa they meet Dr.Sebastian(Vijay Menon) and his daughter Crystal(Trisha Krishnan), the tenants of the outhouse in the late aunt’s bungalow. Crystal runs a beachside cafe and is also part of a music band. Dominic is often irritated by Sebastian’s jolly good friendly nature and their late night music rehearsals and vows to evict them as soon as possible, even though Sebastian has a valid lease agreement. Dominic keeps sending Jude as a messenger to Sebastian’s house to pass on his new house rules. Sebastian, Crystal and Jude get into little tiffs initially but slowly they warm up to each other and become friends. Sebastian, who is a psychologist, notices Jude’s obsession with numbers, his exceptional mathematical skills, his socially awkwardness and concludes that Jude has Asperger syndrome.

Crystal invites Jude for a party one evening and Jude decides not to go because of his awkwardness. Crystal is disappointed and goes into a sudden fit of rage and pelts stones at Jude’s windows and then Jude understands that she is suffering from bipolar disorder and is under treatment for it. Jude apologizes the next day and they resolve their misunderstanding. Sebastian and Crystal try to help Jude with his social skills and on multiple visits to his room, Crystal steals some of his personal video journal tapes to understand more about Jude’s life. They come to know of his exceptional knowledge in oceanography and teach him swimming and diving to overcome his Aquaphobia.

While Dominic tries his best to evict Sebastian and Crystal out of his property, Jude finds new friends in them, something that he has never had in his life and he also begins to like Goa. Crystal helps Jude prepare for an interview at the National Institute of Oceanography. Jude does not clear the interview due to his poor social skills, in spite of his knowledge. However, one of the interviewer notices an outside conversation between Jude and Crystal and realizes that he is extraordinarily skilled in oceanography. Jude’s parents disapprove his newfound interest in Crystal’s music band and his decision to find a job in Goa. They warn him to cut off his ties with Crystal and Sebastian. Jude is annoyed by this and on Crystal’s idea, he elopes from his house for a couple of days with Crystal and her friends to play music at a wedding. They both have a good time there, become close to each other and fall in love, but when Crystal tries to kiss Jude, he avoids her and runs off, leaving her irritated.

On the other hand, Dominic also softens up when he comes to know that Sebastian has been helping Jude with his Asperger syndrome and decides not to be rude to Jude and Sebastian anymore. When Jude returns to Goa, Dominic informs him that he wants to throw a party and he would like Jude to invite all the friends he made in Goa. Jude is excited and goes to Crystal’s house to invite her. While looking for her, he finds all his video journal tapes that she stole from him and all of Sebastian’s notes about his behavior. He gets angry at Sebastian and Crystal, who is again ill from her bipolar disorder and shouts at both of them for tricking him in the name of friendship and using him as a guinea pig for their gains. Crystal is annoyed and asks him to cut off all ties with her.

The next day at the party, Dominic suddenly has a heart attack and dies unexpectedly. This changes plans for Jude and his family and they decide not to evict Sebastian and Crystal and leave their newly inherited property behind and go back to Cochin. Before leaving, Jude tries to speak to Crystal but she doesn’t even let him say goodbye. Back in Cochin, Jude tries to take care of his father’s antique shop and understands all his accounts easily. He also comes to know that his sister Andrea has embezzled some of the money from the shop for her boyfriend, but he forgives her anyway. He receives a letter from Crystal who says goodbye to Jude since she has decided to go to Shimla for sometime as a volunteer and also for a change in her life. Days go on and Jude receives an offer letter from the National Institute of Oceanography in Goa for an even better position than the one he applied for. At his mother’s insistence, the family go back to Goa and Jude joins in his new job. He continues to communicate with Crystal and follows all her suggestions and advices and becomes a better person socially.

Crystal finally returns to Goa and her family and friends are happy to see her again. Jude and Crystal continue to be good friends and nothing has changed between them and their lives are happy.

Songs of malayalam film hey jude

Music by Rahul Raj
M. Jayachandran
Gopi Sundar

Title / Singer ( click on the song for malayalam movie song lyrics of film Hey jude )

1. “Hey Dont Worry Jude” – Rahul Raj, Kavya Ajith—Rahul Raj – Vinayak Sasikumar

2. “Meenukal Vannupoyi” – Amal Antony, Sayanora Philip—Ousepachan – Madhu Vasudevan

3. “Nishaa Shalabhame” – Shakthisree Gopalan—M. Jayachandran – Prabha Varma

4. “Yela La La” – Madhav Nair—Gopi Sundar – B. K. Harinarayanan

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