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Jordindian – Smoke Shisha Play Fifa lyrics

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When you get bored in the Arab world, you Smoke Shisha, Play Fifa. Mahmoud takes Raju on a journey like never before. There is singing, there is dancing, and a whole lot of Shisha and FIFA. This is the first ever music video of youtube channel : Jordindian

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Yalla yalla yalla vainko
yakhi raju they arent ready for this one
i am also not ready
Lets show em how its done
you show
ey ey
So Lets go..

Smoke shisha play Fifa
Smoke shisha play Fifa
Its ok..
Smoke shisha play Fifa
with my friends
Smoke shisha play Fifa
Until the end

My name is Mauhmoud
And i like to play the Fifa
Whatever team you pick bro
You know i will always beat you
if you win against me
garantee you are a cheater
PS4 , Xbox one
Even on computer

When we out in the town
Smoke shisha play Fifa
Our face never have frown
Smoke shisha play Fifa
Even in the car
Smoke shisha play Fifa
While chilling at the bar
Smoke shisha play Fifa
We do it with Hummus
Smoke shisha play Fifa
Ask the ladies for a boosa
Smoke shisha play Fifa
Dont worry its Halal
Smoke shisha play Fifa
Coz its after Ramadan

Hi, Its myself Raju
First time in the Gulf
All the ladies very nice
And the food i really love
I dont smoke the shisha
coz its really bad for health
And if my father sees means
He will beat me with a belt

yakhi Raju
Do it Arabic style habibi

My name is Khalil
and im like a happy meal
In FIFA i am a defender
your ball i will steal
Dont mess with me habibi
When will you ever learn
Coz in the Middle east
i am “Mr steal you Girl”
we drive up to the cafe
In Mercedez benz
Get out of the car
All fourteen of my friends
Shabab in the black
Asked what flavour are we smoking
i said Lala habibi
Please tell me you are joking
Double Apple, Double Apple
Other flavours not okey
What the hell is berry grape
Lemon mint gives me headache

I am a Sheikh
I am a Sheikh
Watch me shake
Watch me shake
Shake until my b**ty break

Shake shake
yalla yalla
Shake shake
yalla yalla



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