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Kammara Sambhavam is a 2018 Indian Malayalam-language satire film written by Murali Gopy and directed by Rathish Ambat. The film was produced by Gokulam Gopalan and stars Dileep, Siddharth, Murali Gopy, Bobby Simha, and Namitha Pramod. The film marks the Malayalam film debut of Siddharth

Story plot of malayalam movie Kammara Sambhavam

A group of liquor barons, lead by Francis (Vijayaraghavan) who are part of ILP, an old political party, wants the party back in power so that their business yields better results. For this, they come up with the idea of making a biopic movie about Kammaran Nambiar (Dileep), the patriarch of their party. The men visit Pulikeshi (Bobby Simha), a successful Tamil film director and ask him to visit Kammaran to get details of his past life.

Kammaran is an ailing old man living in his old house with his son Bose (Siddique). With everyone waiting outside, Kammaran opens up to the young man on his past. Kammaran was a good for nothing, cunning and shrewd young guy caring for his own interests and with no remorse in backstabbing people who help him. At the same time, Othenan (Siddharth) is the son of a rich house in the village, belonging to the family of the cruel landlord Kelu (Murali Gopy). He is secretly living in his hideout to eradicate Foreign forces from his land. Kammaran doesn’t like Othenan as he is in a relation with the girl whom Kammaran has eyes on Bhanumathi(Namita). To win over everyone, Kammaran cleverly creates a violent war between the villagers, Othenan, Kelu and the British officers. After the havoc finishes and Othenan are taken to custody, Kammaran is secretly set free as planned earlier. All these make it clear that Kammaran was a deeply cunning and wicked person with no life worth being made into a movie. Then Kammaran narrates that one night, a still alive Othenan visited him. At this point, the old man starts coughing hard unable to talk further. Pulikeshi is later forced by the team to make the film according to the intentions they have in mind. The film is later made and the aged Kammaran desires to watch it on screen. When he watches it, he understands that it has not a minuscule connection with his life. The story is virtually reversed, so that Kammaran is made the good guy and Othenan the villain. The film becomes a hit, and soon leads to ILP coming back to power and contesting in election. Ultimately Kammaran is made the chief minister of the state and he started to show his real face to the producers of the film.Pulikesi arrives to meet him about asking what happened to Othenan.Kammaran reveals that Othenan came for Bhanumathi,so he killed him brutally

Songs of malayalam film Kammara Sambhavam

Music by Gopi Sundar

Title/Singer(click on the songs for malayalam movie lyrics of film Kammara Sambhavam)

1. Njano Ravo – Haricharan Sheshadri, Divya S. Menon

2. Azhikkullil – Karthik, Divya S. Menon

3. Anjandu Bharikkan – Murali Gopy

Trailer of malayalam film Kammara Sambhavam

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