Kuttanadan Marpappa latest malayalam song lyrics

Kuttanadan Marpappa is a 2018 Indian Malayalam-language comedy film written and directed by Sreejith Vijayan. The cast includes Kunchacko Boban, Aditi Ravi, Innocent, Ramesh Pisharody, and Dharmajan Bolgatty

Story plot of malayalam movie Kuttanadan Marpappa

John Paul, known to the natives as “Marpappa” is a photographer from Karuvatta, Alappuzha, living with his mother Mary, who runs a ration shop. His father had committed suicide during John’s childhood.

Jessi is the daughter of Panchayat president Oomachan and is a BDS final year student. She is saved by John from an attempted suicide after failing in final exam. Jessi and John gets to know each other and ends up in a romantic relationship. John helps Jessi to produce a fake degree certificate by taking a mortgage loan to meet the expense. Later, Jessi breaks up with John after getting a marriage proposal from wealthy fashion photographer Peter and realising that John’s income would not match her needs. After, she goes abroad for job.

Jessi returns to homeland and her marriage with Peter is being arranged. In meantime, Jessi had found out that Peter is actually an erotic photographer. She extorts money from his father in exchange for not exposing Peter. It is revealed that Peter had already known about her fake certificate and intimidate her when she tries to break up with him. Meanwhile, the bank foreclose John’s home.

John later pretends that he is still in love with Jessi and finally with her help John retains his residential documents from the bank. John finally confess that he cannot maintain a relationship with Jessi as she changes her colour as per the situations. Jessi has no other choice other than to marry Peter as Peter knows everything about Jessi,including her fake certificate, illegal immigration and illegal job claim in London.Meanwhile John and Jessi’s younger sister Annie(Surabhi Santhosh) falls in love. John marries Annie on the same day as Jessi marries Peter.

Later in the movie, it is revealed that Fr.Innocent(Aju Varghese) who performed both the marriages was betrayed by Jessi in their school days & John’s mother Miss.Mary was the mastermind behind John and Annie’s marriage.

Songs of malayalam film Kuttanadan Marpappa

Music by Rahul Raj

Title/Singer(click on the song for latest malayalam song lyrics of film Kuttanadan Marpappa)

1. Thamarapoo – Jassie Gift

2. Edanpoove – Santhi Krishna

3. Paalnila Thaarame – Rahul Raj

4. Sa Re Ga Ma – Niranj Suresh

Trailer of malayalam film Kuttanadan Marpappa

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