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Maradona latest malayalam film

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Maradona is an Indian Malayalam-language film directed by debutant Vishnu Narayan and starring Tovino Thomas in the title role. It was written by Krishna Moorthy and produced by Mini Studio. The film’s background score and songs were composed by Sushin Shyam. The cinematography was performed by Deepak D. Menon and edited by Saiju Sreedharan.

Story plot of malayalam film Maradona

The movie follows the story of a goon for hire, Maradona (Tovino Thomas), a sociopathic young man who due to troubles he made at his hometown, moves to Bangalore for staying with his distant relatives. However, during his stay there his behavior changes though the situation him and his friend Sudhi (Tito Wilson) created worsens further.

Music by Sushin Shyam

Title/ Singer ( click on the song for malayalam music lyrics of film Maradona)

1. Aparaada Panka – Fejo

2 Ee Raavil – Nezer Ahemed

3. Kadhale – Sruthy Sasidharan

4. Nilapakshi – Sushin Shyam, Neha.S. Nair

5. Varum – Sushin Shyam, Neha.S. Nair

Trailer of malayalam movie Maradona



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