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Oru Muthassi Gadha latest song lyrics Oru Muthassi Gadha (English: A Granny’s Mace) is a 2016 Indian Malayalam film written and directed by Jude Anthany Joseph. It stars Rajini Chandy and Bhagyalakshmi in the lead roles of two grandmothers, with supporting characters played by Suraj Venjaramoodu, Lena, Vineeth Sreenivasan , Rajeev Pillai, and Renji Panicker.

Story plot of malayalam movie Oru Muthassi Gadha

It narrates the story of a wealthy grandmother, Susamma who helps to change her daughter Jeena’s Mother in law Leelamma’s repressed behavior by fulfilling her bucket list. Later they together start a make a wish group for elderly and abandoned people.

Sebi (Suraj Venjaramoodu) lives, with his wife Jeena (Lena), daughter, son and his aged Mother, Leelamma (Rajini Chandy), in Kochi. Leelamma, is ill-tempered and meddles with everyone and harasses activities of hired helps. Due to her harassment, nobody agrees to work for them until Babu, a Bengali worker agrees to work for them. Leelamma, surprisingly gets along well with Babu and the family gets some respite for a while. On his Boss’s (Vijayaraghavan) suggestion he decides to go for a family trip.

However, on the day before the trip Leelamma due to an altercation with Sebi, backs out of the trip. Sebi and his family decide to continue with the planned trip and call up Sebi’s Mother-in-law, Susamma (Bhagyalakshmi) to keep her company. Susamma is sociable and modern in outlook, she is well versed with technology and open to new age fun. After some initial well meaning tiffs Leelamma and Susamma bond with each other. The two along with Babu decide to celebrate Leelamma’s birthday and complete her bucket-list. On one night after a celebratory round of drinks, Leelamma starts narrating her love story from her college days involving her then classmate Zachariah (Vineeth Sreenivasan). She, however passes out before she can finish her story. The next day, she wakes up to an eager Susamma waiting for the ending. Leelamma continues to say she broke-up with him and regrets that she could not meet him.

Susamma finds all this pent up anger in Leelama is due to this absence of closure in her early life and decides to find Zachariah. Together with Leelamma, her grand daughter and the grand daughter’s boyfriend Milind (Rajeev Pillai) Susamma visits Zachariah’s native place Kurathikad. They unexpectedly finds Babu there with their neighbor’s daughter and finds out he isn’t a Bengali but acted as such to stay in touch with his lover. Along with some help from Babu, Leelamma’s old classmate Kurup and his grandson, Brilly (Jude Anthany Joseph), they locate the now aged Zachariah (Sreenivasan). However, upon meeting with Zachariah, Leelamma slaps him.

To an angered Susamma, Leelamma reveals that, she had purposefully misled Susamma with the ending of her love-story in order to slap Zachariah who had left Leelamma to fly to the USA on a scholarship after jilting her through a letter and that now she feels relieved. Leelamma and Susamma, later go to an old age home and reveals their plan to institute a program whereby every month they help complete one wish off one inmate which they never had a chance to fulfill in their youth. The pair then proceed with Babu to Airport to complete remaining items on Leelamma’s bucket-list.

Songs of malayalam film Oru Muthassi Gadha

Music by Shaan Rahman

Title/ Singer (Click on the song for malayalam song lyrics of movie Oru Muthassi Gadha)

1. Thennal Nilavinte – Vineeth Sreenivasan,Aparna Balamurali

2. Nakkile Prakkukal – Mano

3. Oronnoronnayi – Rahul Jayachandran,Shaan Rahman

4. Jam Thakida Jam – Shaan Rahman

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