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Picket 43

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Picket 43 is a malayalam movie directed by prominent malayalam director Major Ravi and produced by OG Sunil. Malayalam film picket 43 is a story about a Indian army officer guarding a picket alone in Kashmir. The film was released in 2015 by murali film distributors. Cinematography of the malayalam film picket 43 was done by Jomon T John Starring superstar prithviraj in Lead role with hindi star Javed jafferey in supporting role.

Story plot of the movie Picket43

Hareendranath Nair (played by Prithviraj) is an Indian soldier guarding an Indian picket in Kashmir. He happens to meet a Pakistani soldier Mushraff (played by Javed Jaffrey) on one fine day. They immediately relate to each other and despite of being from different counties they seem to understand each other better than anyone else. They eventually become close friends and start to enhance the morale of each other. However, their friendship raises suspicions among others. They even put into question the genuineness of their patriotism which break their heart. They find themselves in nether world and the story proceeds to tell the hardship they have to go through for their friendship. It is not just with the Pakistani soldier he shares special bond, he also considers a dog by the name Baccardi as his companion. He even does not permit anyone to call him dog. He confides in the dog his inner thoughts and emotions which lifts his spirit slightly even at the most difficult times.

Overall, instead of focusing on devastating wars and the like, the movie deals more with the psychological trauma a soldier has to go through in order to safeguard his motherland. It also throws light on the fact that friendship is not based on certain rules or conventions and that the key factor for a true friendship is to have a better understanding and compassion for each other. It also explains how a faithful dog can turn out to be your confidante when you feel alone and dejected.

Songs of the malayalam film Picket 43

Music was directed by Ratheesh Vegha with background scores by Rex Vijayan.

Title / Singer ( Click on the song for malayalam lyrics of movie picket 43)

  1. Mari Mazha – Vijay Yesudas
  2. Manjormakal – Haricharan

Trailer of malayalam movie Picket 43

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