Swathanthryam Ardharathriyil

Swathanthryam Ardharathriyil (also spelt Swathandriam Ardharathriyil) is a 2018 Indian Malayalam-language action thriller film directed by Tinu Pappachan and written by Dileep Kurian. It was produced by B. C. Joshi, with Lijo Jose Pellissery and Chemban Vinod Jose as co-producers. The film stars Antony Varghese, Vinayakan, and Chemban Vinod

Story plot of movie Swathanthryam Ardharathriyil

The movie begins with Betty (Aswathy Manoharan) being arrested on murder charges, while Jacob Varghese (Antony Varghese), her lover, is on the run. However, he tactfully misleads the police and flees with Betty. They somehow survives for days. Later, on the way to collect passports, Betty gets involved in a protest and is beaten up, and gets admitted to the hospital. Meanwhile, Jacob gets arrested.

In the police station, Jacob is ruthlessly handled by the police. They undress him and thoroughly checks him to see whether he has hidden anything. Jacob finds his inmates as arrogant and unsympathetic, and decides to escape. He shares his desire with Simon (Vinayakan), another inmate. Initially Simon disagrees, but he agrees after he wants to meet his family. The advocate (Lijo Jose Pellissery) of Appachan, a rich businessman, questions Jacob about the location of a man called Charlie, but Jacob remains calm and says he don’t know. Simon asks Jacob about Appachan and Charlie, and Jacob reveals his story.

Jacob was the manager of Appachan’s company and Charlie (Kichu Tellus) was the driver. Charlie was keen to take revenge on Appachan as he killed his father. During this time, Jacob met and fell in love with Betty. The SI of the area, S.I. James, kidnapped and killed a girl named Indu, with Betty being the sole witness. In court, Betty gives his name. The SI, on bail, tortures Betty, and Jacob, in anger, kills him.. Jacob tells everything to Charlie, who in turn robs Rs. 3.5 crores from Appachan’s company. Charlie goes to Australia and promises Jacob that he’ll come back to take him and Betty along with him. Betty is in a convent from where she’s arrested.

Currently, Simon and Jacob plan to escape and somehow makes the other inmates leave their cell. Meanwhile, a thief named Devassy (Chemban Vinod Jose) arrives and he too plans to escape with Simon and Jacob. However, the police find marijuana in Simon’s cell. Jacob digs a whole through the toilet of his cell, all the way down the drainage and into the compound. He starts building the tunnel a bit-by-bit with the help of Devassy and two other thiefs, who are basically twins who initially hated the escape plan but later agreed after learning that they’ve been charged falsely.

A new inmate, who’s arrested on the charge of molestation, arrives. Jacob and his gang somehow evade him. Udayan (Tito Wilson), with whom Jacob had a fight earlier, comes to their cell to fail their plan. Appachan sends some criminals to the jail to brutally torture Jacob so that he’ll confess where Charlie is. The criminal gang involves Simon, who in turn helps Jacob and his gang. Jacob blackmails Udayan and asks him to remain silent so he can also escape.

During the night, Jacob, Simon, Devassy, Udayan and the twin brothers start their escape down the tunnel. In the tunnel, Jacob and Udayan get into a fight but Jacob successfully beats Udayan and escapes. The police is alerted and Udayan is caught and brutally beaten. They start chasing the other men who escaped. All of them escape by jumping into a river, except the twin brothers.

At the end, Jacob is with Betty in a boat. It’s revealed that he managed to take Betty out of the hospital, Devassy will reach West Bengal in 2-3 days, Simon and his gang escape in other boat, and he’s also made bail arrangements for the twin brothers. They’re going to Australia, where Charlie is.

Trailer of malayalam film Swathanthryam Ardharathriyil