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Theevandi malayalam movie song lyrics

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Theevandi (lit.: Train) is a 2018 Indian Malayalam-language political satire film directed by debutant Fellini T. P. and written by Vini Vishwa Lal. The film stars Tovino Thomas, Samyuktha Menon, Sudheesh, Surabhi Lakshmi, Rajesh Sharma, Suraj Venjarammoodu and Shammi Thilakan. Principal photography began on November 2017 and ended in around January 2018. Kailas Menon composed the music and Appu Bhattathiri was the editor.

Story plot of malayalam film Theevandi

Damodaran is unable to take his pregnant wife to the hospital due to heavy rain and the rebellion following by the murder of Rajiv Gandhi. His wife’s brother(referred to as ammavan by the protagonist and his friends) arranges for an old woman who used to look into such cases of child deliveries in the past. Although he was initially against it, Damodaran later agrees. However the child dies causing great disappointment to Damodaran. He places the child on a table and goes to see his wife whose condition has worsened. Ammavan, a chain smoker, blows the smoke at the dead child which leads to its survival. The child is named Bineesh. As a child Bineesh buys cigarettes for his uncle as he gets to buy something using the balance amount. When he becomes a teenager he is prompted by his friend Safar,to smoke a cigarette which eventually leads to him getting addicted to it. He is caught in the school for smoking due to a foolish statement made by Safar and is asked to bring his parents. He decides to bring his uncle. That night while going to meet his uncle he sees a packet of cigarette and decides to smoke one. He moves out and smokes peacefully. However he gets mistaken for a thief by 2 police constables and is taken to police station where everyone gets to know about his secret passion. As time passes his addiction increases and he gets the title of theevandi(chainsmoker).

His elder sister gets married to Vijith,a BSCL party member and he falls in love with his childhood friend Devi. Devi is the daughter of Madhu,an active BSCL member. He is against the affair of his daughter with Bineesh but later relents on the condition that Bineesh reduces his smoking habit.

Devi belongs to a separate caste and has a different “thaali”. Bineesh who buys it asked by Devi to show it to her father. After forgetting several times,he decides to bring the “thaali” in a cigarette packet. However this annoys Devi which leads to their break up.

Meanwhile ammavan and Safar are shown to frequently visit Edison’s island which is mentioned to be dominated by drunkards and hippies. Bineesh is frustrated and decides to smoke 16 packets of cigarette at a time creating a new world record. The so called Nepali driver,Sanju,of MLA gives the money for the cigarettes confusing everyone. Meanwhile while driving the car with mla, it is revealed that the driver is a victim of blue whale game and is about to commit suicide. The car crashes into the building where Bineesh is smoking the cigarettes destroying the video clipping of Bineesh smoking the cigarettes . Mla lands in a comma stage while the driver manages to escape. Later that night a tiff happens over the nomination of a BCSL candidate for the by election (since the MLA is in comma stage they feel that there is no chance of recovery).The majority chooses Madhu while Bineesh demands to nominate his brother in law Vijith. Bineesh who hates Madhu does not want him to be the candidate. Madhu who is an equally shrewd person challenges Bineesh to abstain from smoking till a particular day when the party is organizing a widespread protest in the village by forming a human chain.If Bineesh is able to do so then Vijith will be made the candidate. Bineesh accepts the challenge.

Madhu hires a network of spies to follow Bineesh. A few of them are asked to stay in his house. Bineesh is able to refrain from smoking for the first few days but soon his body begins to react. One night he goes out of the house,without being noticed by anyone, to smoke a cigarette. However Libash,a spy of Madhu,notices this and climbs the nearby tree to capture a clear video of Bineesh smoking. However there happens to be a large snake in that tree and Libash falls down before Bineesh could light his cigarette. Libash is taken to the hospital and Madhu’s spies accompany him.Vijith finds the cigarettes and decides to take Bineesh to the Edison island. Madhu discovers this and informs the party members. Vijith returns to the banks after dropping Bineesh in the island. He skillfully acts in front of the party members and take a spy of Madhu to the island.Meanwhile Bineesh finds that he has been cheated since Edison island is dry and doesn’t have any sorts of drugs,alcohols or cigarettes. It is inhabited by 2 “hippy like”musicians.Bineesh is unable to leave the island since he doesn’t know to swim. Zafar hires a group of tough boys to guard the island.After several failed attempts by Madhu’s friends to reach the island with cigarettes,he approaches Libash for an idea. The person who is nursing Libash after his fall arranges a group of young men who are well versed in kalaripayattu.

On the last day, the day of human chain formation,Libash goes with the group and thrashes the ones who are guarding the banks and goes to the island in a boat. Upon arrival Libash prompts Bineesh to smoke a foreign cigarette. However Bineesh who have learnt to love the world without cigarettes refuses thereby winning the challenge. Vijith becomes happy. But at the last minute a major twist occurs in the form of the MLA’s return in a wheelchair to inaugurate the event,shattering the dreams of Vijith. Bineesh decides to start a new and fresh life and reunites with Devi whereas a shattered Vijith slips into smoking thereby being a new friend for Ammavan.

Songs of malayalam movie Theevandi

Music by Kailas Menon

Title/ Singer ( Click on the song for malayalam film song lyrics Theevandi)

1. Jeevamshamayi Thaane – Shreya Ghoshal, K. S. Harisankar

2. Thaa Thinnam – Job Kurian

3. Maanathe Kanalaali – Kailas Menon, Alphons Joseph

Trailer of malayalam film Theevandi



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